Opera for All

Upcoming OFA Performances

We would like to welcome the public to our final education performances which were written, composed, choreographed, designed, and will be performed by our Opera for All students! This year's theme is Chicago: Once Upon a Windy City, a fictionalized retelling of Chicago's history.

Disney II Magnet School May 31st at 5:30pm

Hanson Park Elementary School June 14th at 4:30pm


Opera for All (OFA) brings Teaching Artists into Chicago Public Elementary Schools to educate students about classical music, singing, and opera.  Opera for All allows kids to understand the art by participating in it, both in production and in performance.  Each year, students in Opera for All participate in a 35 session program with the end goal of creating their very own unique opera. COT's team of teaching artists pair up and work with each classroom to create the script, lyrics, music, set and costume design, and choreography of the opera. In the spring, students in the OFA program perform their opera for their parents and peers.


2015-2016 Schools

Chase Elementary, Reilly Elementary, McAuliffe Elementary, Eugene Field Elementary, Disney II Magnet Elementary School, Healy Elementary


Director of Education & Outreach - Linden Christ

Education Assistant - Daniel Grambow

Teaching Artists - Heather Keith, Sara Litchfield, Matt McNabb, Erin Moll, Diana Stoic


Andreas Mitisek,
Stefan Edlis & Gael Neeson General Director

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