Annual Support

Chicago Opera Theater would not exist without the generous support of the company’s family and friends. In 2016, because of you we will break new ground and bring more engaging operas to Chicago. We are proud to acknowledge the following individuals, foundations, and corporations who have contributed to COT between December 1, 2014 and December 1, 2015.

*Board Member
**President’s Council


Leadership Circle $100,000+

Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
Julie and Roger* Baskes
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Barbara Landis and Barre Seid
Gael Neeson and Stefan Edlis


Ovation Circle $50,000-$99,999

Lucy and Peter* Ascoli
Carlyn E. Goettsch †
The Harris Theater for Music and Dance
Margot and Josef Lakonishok
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation


General Director's Circle $25,000-$49,999

Julius Frankel Foundation
The John R. Halligan Charitable Fund
The Irving Harris Foundation
Billy Hunt
Patricia A. Kenney and Gregory J. O'Leary
Polk Bros. Foundation
Sage Foundation
Orli and Bill Staley


President's Circle $10,000-$24,999

Robert and Isabelle Bass Foundation, Inc.
Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
Allen Heinemann* and William Borden
Illinois Arts Council
Mazza Foundation
Dorothy Osborn* and Bud Dobbins**
Andra and Irwin Press
The Prince Charitable Trusts
The Seabury Foundation
Stacie and David Selinger
Joan and James* Shapiro
Susan and Robert* Shapiro
Lois B. Siegel
Laraine and David* Spector
Florette and Robert G. Weiss


Conductor's Circle $5,000-$9,999

Comcast Corporation
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Joan and Warwick Coppleson**
Edgar Foster Daniels
The Davee Foundation
Jan and Bill Jentes
Sol R. Kaufman Family Foundation
Nancy A. Lauter
Averill and Bernard Leviton
Elizabeth Amy Liebman
Laura G. and James G. McCormick
The E. Nakamichi Foundation
Jean Perkins and Leland Hutchinson**
The Rhoades Foundation
The Siragusa Foundation
Dusan Stefoski and Craig Savage


Director's Circle $2,500-$4,999

Judith Barnard and Michael Fain**
Judy and Merrill* Blau
Richard Boyum and Louie Chua**
Deborah and Cody Engle**
Megan Fellman and Anthony Rosso**
Dr. Colette and Gerald Gordon
Deborah and David Holloway
Mary Lunz and James Houston**
Susan Irion and Rob DeLand
Nancy and Scott McLucas
Kathryn and Aaron Stout
Dan Tarlock
The Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation


Starring Role Circle $1,000-$2,499

Anonymous (2)
Kathleen Arthur and Stephen Wood
Queta and Ron* Bauer
Helaine Billings
Janet Burch and Joel R. Guillory
Pauline and Bill Cuncannan
Isabel and Robert Curley
Charles F. Custer
Janet Eyler and Edwin Walker
Stephen and Elizabeth Geer
Ethel and Bill Gofen
Judy and Bill Greffin
Farren and Oliver Ionita
Robert James
Anne Kaplan
Kathryn and Dennis Karsh
Jean Klingenstein
Mary Klyasheff
Alma Koppedraijer and James K. Genden **
Robert Marks
Maura Ann McBreen
Marilyn McCoy
Joanne Michalski and Michael Weeda**
Jo and Arthur Moore
Kate Becker Morrison
Charles H. Mottier
Catherine Mouly and LeRoy Carlson, Jr.
Sylvia Neil and Daniel Fischel
John H. Nelson**
Dawn and John Palmer**
Vivianne and Joel Pokorny
Carol Roberts
Carol Rosofsky and Robert B. Lifton
Lynn Hauser and Neil Ross
Joseph Rubinelli, Jr.**
Richard O. Ryan**
Sahara Enterprises Fund
Pepper and Cedric Shaw
Mary Clare and Joseph Starshak**
Hamsa and Bhaskaran Swaminathan
Pamela and Jerry Tietz
Virginia Tobiason
Suzanne L. Wagner
Patricia H. Werhane**


Understudy Circle $500-$999

Sheila and James Amend
Sonja Berggren and Patrick Seaver
Carla and Stephen Berry
Suzanne and William E. Bible
John Bierbusse
Don Bittner
M.J. Black
The Margaret S. and Philip D. Block Jr. Family Foundation
John Blosser
Nancy Brown and William Kildow
Rona and Ralph Brown
Alice Brunner
Elizabeth and Joseph Check
Alice Dubose
Kent Dymak and Theodore Foss**
Anne Egger
Susan G. Feibus
Janet and Timothy Fox
Peter Freund
Priscilla and Henry Frisch
Desiree Grant
Jill B. Hartman
Elizabeth and Howard Helsinger
Richard C. Jager
Gloria and Daniel Kearney
Lisa Kohn and Harvey Nathan
Rosalie Loeding
Jeanne Martineau
Andreas Mitisek
Lois and Robert Moeller
Joan and Larry Murphy
Lynne F. Schatz and Ralph A. Schatz
Diane Smith
Marie Song
Jerry Tietz
David Varnerin
Cari and Todd Vieregg


Comprimario Circle $250-$499

Anonymous (2)
Robert Arensman
Sharon John and Baldwin
William Bein
Janet K. Nelson and James B. Bishop
Linda and Gary Blumenshine
Joan and Jeffrey Blumenthal
Morris Bowie
David Boyce
John H. Brill and Martin J. Yee
Mike Christ
John Conklin
Ariel David
Colleen Delegan and Peter Sichrovsky
Ingrid and Rich Dubberke
James A. Glazier and James A. Ferguson
Mary and Richard Gray
Karen and David Haugen
Paul R. Herman
Stefanie Lenway and Tom Murtha
Joanna and Lawrence Lipking
Donna and Peter McKinney
David E. McNeel
Floyd Mittleman
Charles A. Moore
Susan Noel
Ken Norgan
Grazia Nunzi and Michael G. Cleveland
Betty Fae and Bernard Nusinow
Irmgard and Keith Olson
Christian Perry
Carl J. Ratner
Mark Reiter
Joan and Frank R. Safford
Amy and Carlos Salgado
Robert P. Schaible
Jessica Schneider and Joseph Glaser
Rennie Shapiro
Enid Shapiro
Ilene Shaw
Fred Siegman
Marge and Larry Sondler
Rick Stoneham
Janina and James Strait
Audrey and Daniel Weinberg
Peter Wender
Patricia and Roland Winston


Ensemble Circle $100-$249

Anonymous (3)
Elizabeth M. Adkins
Roy Bergstrom
Lieselotte N. Betterman
Ann Blickensderfer
John Boatright
Stephanie Bohr
Marie and Aldridge Bousfield
Norman Boyer
Nancy and James Brandt
Sophia Bross
Sandra Buckley
Gloria J. Callaci
Ray Carter
Cynthia Cheski and Scott Elliott
Lydia G. Cochrane
Margery C. Coen
Fran Collopy
Susan E. Cremin
Jacobi Daley
Karin Eames
Kenneth A. East
Jacqueline Egger
Wolfgang Epstein
Erika Erich
Marjorie and Richard Ettlinger
Roberta and Richard Evans
Joan D. Flavin
Geoffrey Flick
Arthur L. Frank
Allen J. Frantzen and George R. Paterson
J. Friedman
Joan Frontczak
Robert Gabriel
Dr. Janice Gilden
Patrice Michaels and Jim Ginsburg
Joseph Gonzales
Robert Graham
Joseph Hanc
Sydney Hans
Charles Hayford
Daniel and Ann Herrick
Rhonna Hoffman
Donald L. Hoffman
Gary Huff
James Huttenhower
Mihail Ionita
Virgina A. Jach
Jan Kallish
Eva S. Kelly
Esther G. Klatz
Paul Kobasa
Marina Kuznetsova and Andre Kuznetsov
A. Jeanne LaDuke
Julie B. Lakehomer
Joan and Gary Laser
Mark Ledbetter
Joan and Murray Levin
Diane and Michael Levy
Charles Licht
Chris H. Lonn
Lloyd Matheson
Roger May
John McConnell
Kathleen and Andrew McKenna
Anne and Leo Michuda
Regina Modestas
Corrine Morrissey
Mary Ellen Murphy
Mary Ellen and Donald E. Newsom
Gladys and James Nutt
Joan L. Pantsios
Joan Parojcic
John Howard Percy
John R. Phillips
Julie Polanski
Elizabeth M. Postell
David Pozorski
Scott Pytluk
Dan Ratner
Stephen Roy and Lloyd Kohler
Annette and Edward Salomon
Judith Sandstrom and Peter Kohn
Edward Schiele
Sally and Mark Schwartz
Judith and David L. Sensibar
Beth and Gerard Smetana
Sarah and Michael David Smith
Charles A. Tausche
Gilbert Terlicher
James E. Theselius
Darryl Tom
Paula and C. Phillip Turner
Anne and K. David Umlauf
Ruth and Dr. John P. Unik
Stephanie Van Lake
Frances and Peter Vandervoort
John Vinci
Andrea and Clark D. Wagner
Eric D. Weimer
Nicholas Weingarten
Anne and Dennis Wentz
James Wicklund
Gerald Wilemski
Iris Witkowsky
Linda and Owen Youngman

Andreas Mitisek,
Stefan Edlis & Gael Neeson Artistic Director

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