COT for Teens

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Chicago Opera Theater for Teens allows students to learn and perform the arts in Chicago Public High Schools.  COT collaborates with the City of Chicago’s After School Matters program, which allows the teens to treat the experience as a job and receive a stipend.  Chicago Opera Theater offers this program during after school hours and adapts the program to each school’s needs. COT’s team of teaching artists spend a semester working with students and CPS teachers to produce a showcase, musical, or operetta.  The Chicago Opera Theater for Teens are often seen performing in communities around the city of Chicago.

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2017-2018 Schools

Solorio Academy High School, Senn Arts High School, and Sarah E Goode High School

Director of Education: Linden Christ
Teen Directors: Emily Cox, Jon Hey, Chungers Kim, Luther Lewis, Andrew Sons, Veronica Raufer, Robert Schroeder, Daniel Riley